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The 2014 round of Not Prime Time begins in about a month with nominations. Jenn is currently taking a break for this round so I will be your primary mod for 2014.

2014 schedule

April 5 to 15 - Nominations
April 15 to 18 - Corrections
April 19 to 30 - Sign ups
May 3 - Assignments go out by the latest
May 5 - Madness collection and prompts open
July 3 - Stories due
July 9 - Main collection goes live
July 12 - Madness collection goes live
July 16 - Author reveals

Please notice the slight adjustments from last year's schedule. The opening of the collection has been pushed back at least one week later to get away from the holiday weekend in the US while giving a few more days to both nominations and sign ups.

New Changes

1. This year forward we are instituting a banned list which will be counted retroactively. What this means is that if you have defaulted in the years 2012 and 2013, and you haven't written a Hiatus Resolution story (whether to your original recipient or someone else) or wrote a pinch hit, you are banned from signing up for the next round of Not Prime Time. We also are banning people who blatantly try to game the system in order to receive a story. Currently, only one person fits the latter situation, and it was pretty blatant to the mods as well as causing grief to their writer. For those who defaulted twice in a row, we will be watching the Hiatus Resolution collection until 2014 signups begin. Until then, you are on our banned list. This ruling has been updated in our FAQ.

For those who have only defaulted once, whether in our 2012 or 2013 rounds, you are still eligible for our 2014 round. The default ban is only for two consecutive years of defaulting, without ever uploading a completed story over 1000 words into any of our subcollections. If you think you are on this list, please contact us at notprimetime AT gmail DOT com.

2. An entry has been posted of what constitutes a medium-sized fandom for Not Prime Time's purposes. A big change is that fandoms on either AO3 or are not held to the 'completed' filter. To check if your non-RPF or non-movie fandom is eligible, you only need to filter for word count and in English for eligibility numbers.

3. We have raised the maximum number of fandom requests to 6. The minimum of fandoms you can request is still 3.

4. Character offers per fandom is staying at 10, with one fandom having the potential for 20 if you offer it twice.

5. When nominating fandoms and characters, we are not using the system we did last year and will resume with people nominating the canonical fandom and canonical character names instead. This way there is less confusion for everyone.

6. We have condensed the yearly Hiatus Resolution collections into just one collection, Hiatus Resolution. There is still plenty of time for anyone, previous participant or not, to upload a Hiatus Resolution story.

7. NPT_Producer is live. This account is meant for those who have stories that don't quite fit their recipient's wishes or for those people who wanted to write a particular story but had no one to gift it to. The NPT Producer is here for you! The producer, however, is a busy person, so can only thank you for the work, but you are guaranteed that thank you comment.

8. For this round, pinch hits will be done on the admin comms. Comments will be screened and 24 hours will be given before a pinch hitter is assigned, just like before.


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