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Assignments have been sent out so check your email inboxes (or Spam folders). The deadline for stories is July 3. If you haven't finished writing your letters, please do so as soon as possible to give your writers time to write your story. Keep an eye out for mod emails to the email assigned to the AO3 username you signed up with in case I have to contact you for questions from your writer. If your assignment doesn't include a letter, check out the posts on on LJ | on DW in case they posted there. If there are no optional details/letter after a week assignments have come out, writers have mod approval to write whatever they want, provided the fic matches requested fandom and character(s) (if recipient requests more than one character, the writer has mod approval to use how many requested characters they see fit for the fic, including just one requested character out of the bunch).

Your assigned stories and treats over 1000 words should be uploaded to Not Prime Time 2015. Stories under 1000 words as well as non-fic works should be uploaded in Prime Time Madness 2015.

NPT_Producer is live. This account is meant for those who have stories that don't quite fit their recipient's wishes or for those people who wanted to write a particular story but had no one to gift it to. The NPT Producer is here for you! The producer, however, is a busy person, so can only thank you for the work, but you are guaranteed that thank you comment.

As well, treats can be uploaded early, with or without recipient already tagged if you want to keep the surprise a little longer. We have the list of who is assigned to who. Treats won't randomly become main gifts unless absolutely necessary and we'll ask the treat writer first.

All requests will be revealed when the Madness collection opens for uploading on May 5.

This year pinch hits will be run through our npt_admin comms. More information will be posted later as will pinch hits.

If you want to participate in word wars, beta finding, or just someone to chat with, there is always Yuletide's chat #yuletide. Instructions on how to log in.

Good luck, everyone! Stories are due July 3rd.


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