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While requests are revealed on AO3 (where you can sort by fandom, prompter, or date), it is now also available in a txt file organized by fandom (ctrl + f to find the fandom requests you want). Both Not Prime Time 2017 collection and Prime Time Madness 2017 collection are open. The latter collection is primarily for treats consisting of stories under 1000 words, icons, podfics, vids, etc. If you need me to host a non-fic work, whether temporarily or permanently, please contact me at notprimetime AT voiceofserenity DOT com.

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Not Prime Time 2017 (with schedule) | Prime Time Madness 2017
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2017 Requests available on AO3 | in a txt file

Date: 2017-05-11 01:41 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
If a treat I've written happens to fulfill more than one participant's request due to it being a popular requested pairing, am I allowed to have that treat apply to more than one person and tag multiple people? This is assuming of course that the fic broadly fits enough each request's criteria besides just the ship.


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