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We're about a month away from our July 3rd deadline when stories are due into the Not Prime Time 2017 collection.

How is everyone doing on their assignments so far?

If you feel like you won't be able to complete your assignment, go ahead and default so we can set up pinch hitters (of course, if you do manage to finish, we'd love it if you uploaded even if we've already found a pinch hitter. The more, the merrier).

For those who want some extra motivation, word wars happen frequently within #yuletide chat (Instructions on how to log in). A word war is where you and other people write for a set amount of time, usually 15 to 20 minutes, to see who wrote the most words. Everyone's a winner.

NPT_Producer is live. This account is meant for those who have stories that don't quite fit their recipient's wishes or for those people who wanted to write a particular story but had no one to gift it to. The NPT Producer is here for you! The producer, however, is a busy person, so can only thank you for the work, but you are guaranteed that thank you comment.

Stories are due July 3rd and the collection will go live on July 11th. Prime Time Madness 2017 collection goes live July 12th and accepts treats for fics under 1000 words and non-fic works such as art, icons, podfics, etc.

Useful Links
Not Prime Time 2017 (with schedule) | Prime Time Madness 2017
Frequently Asked Questions | AO3 exchange faq for participants | Pinch Hitting faq
2017 nomination tag set
Dear Prime Time Player on DW
2017 Requests available on AO3 | in a txt file
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