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Due to my playing around with the collection, I discovered (and had it confirmed via support) that there's a recently introduced bug. "It currently appears to be completely impossible to remove a gift recipient by doing anything short of deleting the work." With my own experimenting, I tried removing the name and saving (didn't work, name remained) then tried removing the name and using my own AO3 name in its place (also didn't work as the original recipient was still listed as was my own name).

There is no definite time frame on when this will be fixed, so be careful when you're uploading your stories to the collection that the recipient is correct. Otherwise to "fix" this, you'll have to delete the entire work and do over again.
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After further discussion, Jenn and I have decided for this round to raise the character offer number from 4 to 10, with one fandom having the potential for 20 if you offer it twice. The character offer number for future rounds is open to discussion in our evaluation post at the end of this round.

From our FAQ: How many fandoms/characters can I request?
You may request up to 4 fandoms, minimum of 3. The maximum of characters you can request in one fandom is 4, unless you choose Any (of the nominated characters).

You can request the same fandom twice with different sets of characters, provided you have a minimum of 3 different fandoms.

You can also offer the same fandom twice with different sets of characters, provided you have a minimum of 3 different fandoms.

If autocomplete is not bringing up a character for you in your sign up form, check to see if it's on the tag set. If they are, copy and paste the name from the tag set onto the form.

If you're not aware, there is a non-admin comm both on LJ and DW. Anyone is allowed to post there, provided the content is related to Not Prime Time, and it is also where optional Dear Prime Time letters are posted.

not-primetime on LJ | not-primetime on DW

Dear Prime Time Player letters on LJ | on DW (optional)
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Jenn and I have placed Not Prime Time 2012 and Prime Time Madness 2012 collections on Open/Moderated status. The reason for this is a known AO3 bug that doesn't allow you to edit if we close the collections.
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The stories are up and raring to be read.

There is a known AO3 bug that brings up all the works in a fandom when you search by fandoms (ie I click on Hunger Games to read the stories written for Not Prime Time 2012 and it brings up all Hunger Games stories within the archive). The workaround is to click on any of the sort buttons at the top of the page and it will bring up only the works written for Not Prime Time 2012.

You can also scroll through all the works written for Not Prime 2012 and use the sorting buttons to find what you are looking for (by author, by title, date updated, date added, word count, hits - both by highest and lowest). If you are looking for something specific, there is also searching by tags.

Writers, don't forget to hold off on replying back to comments until after author reveals on August 7th.

Enjoy reading!

AO3 bug

May. 2nd, 2012 08:13 am
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There is a known AO3 bug where, as you try to type in a character for a tag set, the autocomplete might not bring it up. Use our tag set to find a fandom's nominated characters.


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