Jul. 4th, 2015

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Jul. 4th, 2015 08:54 am
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Thank you to everyone who offered up their services for the emergency pinch hits. The collection is reopened. There is an additional pinch hit left for anyone who can claim it. First come, first serve. Emergency pinch hits are due 11:59pm Eastern, July 9th.

You can continue editing your fics/titles/summaries/etc until the main collection opens on July 11th (exact time pending, but I'll give an hour warning before it opens).

Treats over 1000 words can be uploaded to Not Prime Time 2015 collection until the collection opens on the 11th. Treats under 1000 words, or treats that are non-fic like icons, podfics, fanart, etc can be uploaded to Prime Time Madness 2015 until it opens on July 12th. Treats over 1000 words can also be uploaded to the latter collection once the main collection is open and you want that extra time.

Don't forget to post your story to the collection and not leave it as a draft. Drafts do not count as fulfilling your assignment and drafts are autodeleted a month after they're created.

NPT_Producer is live. This account is meant for those who have stories that don't quite fit their recipient's wishes or for those people who wanted to write a particular story but had no one to gift it to. The NPT Producer is here for you! The producer, however, is a busy person, so can only thank you for the work, but you are guaranteed that thank you comment.

Good luck, everyone!

Pinch hit #39 - Taken )

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