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What is pinch pitting?
Pinch hitting means writing a story for someone whose assigned writer has dropped out. Once you have got a pinch hit you are under the same obligations for it as if it were your main assignment.

Who can pinch hit?
Anyone - but you will need an AO3 account to upload the story (if you need an invite code, the mods can give you one). Particularly you are not require to be a participant in the original exchange.

How will it work?
When there are pinch hits to go out, each pinch hit will be posted to the npt_admin comm with screened comments. Just respond to the post with your AO3 name and email.

After around 12 hours after the pinch hit is sent out one of the respondents will be picked at random to be assigned this pinch hit. They will be emailed to that effect. The delay is to allow people in all the different timezones to have a chance at pinch hits and for people to be able to think about it before claiming pinch hits.

How do you track the comm?
You can track either on LJ's Manage Message Settings or DW's Manage Message Settings by either tracking new entries to the comm or tagging entries tagged "pinch hitting."

Except for last minute pinch hits the deadline is the same as for regular assignments. Unless the pinch hit email specifies a different deadline, your story must be uploaded by then.

Rewards For Non-Participant Pinch Hitters
If you are not a participant but upload a story for a pinch hit, the mods will ask you if you want to have prompts added to the list. There are no promises that a story will be written for you.

I didn't get the pinch hit, can I write a story anyway?
Yes! The more stories the better!
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