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There are 2 new pinch hits. If you'd like to write for one of them, please comment below with which pinch hit you'd like, your AO3 name, and your email. Comments are screened. 12 hours later, a name will be chosen randomly for each pinch hit. These pinch hits are due July 3rd.

Pinch hit #19
Request 1 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Leverage

Alec Hardison Eliot Spencer Parker (Leverage)

Want: Fluffy "getting together" fic. Autistic!Parker would be awesome, but please do not infantilize her.

Do not want: porn without plot, excessive angst.

Request 2 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)

Steve Rogers James "Bucky" Barnes Natasha Romanov Sam Wilson (Marvel)

Want: Bucky in process of recovering from Winter Soldier brainwashing, and Steve kind of tiptoeing around both him and his feelings for him. Natasha as closest to Bucky. Should end in a kinky foursome and four-way polyamory. Bonus points for Aro!Nat and Domme!Nat.

Do not want: Watersports or Sam ignored.

Request 3 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)

Peggy Carter Angie Martinelli Daniel Sousa

Want: Peggy and Angie living together in delightful lesbian sin occasionally have threesomes with Daniel Sousa. Respectful treatment of Sousa's disability and how they navigate sex around it. Porn without plot acceptable, but not preferred.

Do not want: Three-way polyamory.

Request 4 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Pitch Perfect (Movies)

Beca Mitchell Chloe (Pitch Perfect)

Want: Beca ends up with Chloe instead of whatshisface at the end of the movie. They celebrate their Nationals win with lesbian sex. Bonus points if they end up singing along to whatever song is playing in the background mid-screw and keep going.

Do not want: strap ons, angst

Request 5 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Carmilla (Web Series)

Danny Lawrence Carmilla Karnstein Laura Hollis

Want: Three-way relationship, with a spicy semi hate-sex sort of dynamic between Danny and Carmilla, but absolutely disgustingly fluffy between Danny and Laura, and Carmilla and Laura. Porn without plot acceptable, but not preferred.

Pinch hit #20
Request 1 by mm8
Fandom: The Hobbit (Jackson movies)

Kíli Fíli Thorin Oakenshield Ori (Tolkien)

For more info please see my letter.

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 2 by mm8
Fandom: Vikings (TV)

Ragnar Lothbrok Athelstan (Vikings)

For more info please see my letter.

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 3 by mm8
Fandom: The Musketeers (2014)

Aramis Athos Porthos (Trois Mousquetaires) Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu

For more info please see my letter.

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 4 by mm8
Fandom: The Hobbit (Jackson movies)

Thranduil Bard of Laketown Bilbo Baggins Bofur

For more info please see my letter.

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

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