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There are 3 pinch hits that need to be claimed. If you'd like to write for one of them, please comment below with which pinch hit you'd like, your AO3 name, and your email. Comments are screened. 12 hours later, a name will be chosen randomly for each pinch hit. These pinch hits are due July 3rd.

Pinch hit #19 - Taken
Request 1 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Leverage

Alec Hardison Eliot Spencer Parker (Leverage)

Want: Fluffy "getting together" fic. Autistic!Parker would be awesome, but please do not infantilize her.

Do not want: porn without plot, excessive angst.

Request 2 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)

Steve Rogers James "Bucky" Barnes Natasha Romanov Sam Wilson (Marvel)

Want: Bucky in process of recovering from Winter Soldier brainwashing, and Steve kind of tiptoeing around both him and his feelings for him. Natasha as closest to Bucky. Should end in a kinky foursome and four-way polyamory. Bonus points for Aro!Nat and Domme!Nat.

Do not want: Watersports or Sam ignored.

Request 3 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)

Peggy Carter Angie Martinelli Daniel Sousa

Want: Peggy and Angie living together in delightful lesbian sin occasionally have threesomes with Daniel Sousa. Respectful treatment of Sousa's disability and how they navigate sex around it. Porn without plot acceptable, but not preferred.

Do not want: Three-way polyamory.

Request 4 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Pitch Perfect (Movies)

Beca Mitchell Chloe (Pitch Perfect)

Want: Beca ends up with Chloe instead of whatshisface at the end of the movie. They celebrate their Nationals win with lesbian sex. Bonus points if they end up singing along to whatever song is playing in the background mid-screw and keep going.

Do not want: strap ons, angst

Request 5 by IneloquentSD
Fandom: Carmilla (Web Series)

Danny Lawrence Carmilla Karnstein Laura Hollis

Want: Three-way relationship, with a spicy semi hate-sex sort of dynamic between Danny and Carmilla, but absolutely disgustingly fluffy between Danny and Laura, and Carmilla and Laura. Porn without plot acceptable, but not preferred.

Pinch hit #20 - Taken
Request 1 by mm8
Fandom: The Hobbit (Jackson movies)

Kíli Fíli Thorin Oakenshield Ori (Tolkien)

For more info please see my letter.

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 2 by mm8
Fandom: Vikings (TV)

Ragnar Lothbrok Athelstan (Vikings)

For more info please see my letter.

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 3 by mm8
Fandom: The Musketeers (2014)

Aramis Athos Porthos (Trois Mousquetaires) Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu

For more info please see my letter.

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 4 by mm8
Fandom: The Hobbit (Jackson movies)

Thranduil Bard of Laketown Bilbo Baggins Bofur

For more info please see my letter.

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Pinch Hit #21 - Taken
Request 1 by Moontyger
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Cassandra Pentaghast, Leliana (Dragon Age)

The right and left hands of the Divine and yet, due to the structure of the game, we rarely get to see them interact. So that's what I'm looking for here - conversations, adventures, missing scenes, set before or during the game. After, too, if you want to go there, but the whole Divine Victoria thing might complicate it, no matter who she is. Did they work together on missions for Justinia? How much did Cassandra know about what Leliana did? Do they ever meet and reminisce? Perhaps they run into each other at the Skyhold Chantry? You could even AU the Inquisitor taking Leliana along as a Companion or Cassandra as an advisor.

I kind of ship it, too, so feel free to go there if you want to.
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Request 2 by Moontyger
Fandom: Girl Genius
Agatha Heterodyne, Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Tarvek Sturmvoraus

As terribly unoriginal as it is, I'm looking for OT3 fic for this one, either blatantly shippy or madcap science! adventures with the 3 of them. Feel free to AU it or just set it in the future; while I would not be surprised if it happens in the comic, it obviously won't be anytime soon.

You could write a story about politics, the way they have to balance their different realms and responsibilities and yet still find time to be together. Was Violetta right that Agatha has to marry Tarvek and just keep Gil on the side? Do they make regular visits back and forth or have a rotating schedule of where they live? Do they keep their relationship a secret, the better to have a political advantage?

A story where they just have to work on a project together could be fun, too, and there's certainly plenty of things to work on: the Other, Gil's brainwashing, Agatha's weasel addiction, repairing and refurbishing the castle, etc. Or they could be competing, all 3 of them trying to top each other with inventions.

Or you could just do PWP. Maybe they find the secret room in Heterodyne castle dedicated to sex toys? (With the Heterodyne history, you know there has to be one.)
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Request 3 by Moontyger
Fandom: Loveless
Agatsuma Soubi

Let's be frank: Loveless is a very dirtybadwrong fandom and that's one of the things I love about it, so if you want to go there, feel free to do so. Want to write a story about Ritsu or Seimei's training of Soubi? Please do. Or maybe something about how Nisei and Soubi interact while they're both Seimei's fighters? I would love that.

I also love his relationship with Kio, however you characterize it, so if you wanted to write them together, either romantically/sexually or just as friends, I'd be thrilled. Maybe 5 times Kio tried to get a date with Soubi (and 1 time he succeeded)?

I ship Soubi with basically everyone, which is why I'm only requesting him - this way I don't have to choose and you can pick whoever you want.

And of course you can write him on his own as well. You could tell the story of why he chose to go to art school (and how he got in, considering his apparent lack of regular schooling.) Write the story of his first battle or what he did after Seimei died and before he presented himself to Ritsuka.

Or maybe you could explore just how this fighter-sacrifice system works? It's pretty unclear. Or how it came about or why most people seem unaware of it. Or even what those involved get out of it. Soubi didn't seem to have much of a choice - do any of them?
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Request 4 by Moontyger
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types
Leia Organa, Evaan Verlaine

We don't know much about Evaan so far, but what I've seen, I love. And I want to know more! How did a royalist mentored by the Queen of Alderaan become a pilot for the Rebellion? What did she think of Leia before we see her for the first time in the comic? Where and when did she learn how to fly?

I've asked for Leia here, too, because I'd love to see more of their adventures together. Missing scenes, maybe, or what they discuss while searching for more Alderaanian survivors. Maybe an adventure we haven't seen in the comic? I'm always up for gratuitous space battles or there are plenty of other planets they could go to. Or maybe Evaan and Verlaine do a covert op together? (Since the new movie is clearly going there and we've already seen one hint, feel free to work in Leia unconsciously using the Force as well.)

Or write Evaan into the later movies. What was she doing on Hoth? What does she think of Han?

This is our new EU; let's play with it.
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Request 5 by Moontyger
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types
Atton "Jaq" Rand

While I've heard Atton dismissed as just another version of Carth, I've always been fond of him. I like that he's a complicated character with complex motivations and I've always felt it a shame that something that should be as important as his past is basically dealt with in a single conversation. I would love for you to explore it in more detail. Tell me more about his time under Revan; tell me about the Exile from his perspective. Write about his time alone on the mining colony; give his perspective on any of the events of the game. (I'm just throwing ideas out here; feel free to use any of it or none.)

I also love Atton/Exile, so I'd be interested in that as well, especially something that explores the necessary conflicts created by their pasts in more detail, something other than just a shallow "we've both done horrible things, so let's forgive each other."

I still have a major grudge against the Revan novel for retroactively invalidating choices given to the players of KotORs I and II, so don't feel bound by it at all.
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Request 6 by Moontyger
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Any Character

I'll start out by saying that I obviously ship Anduin/Wrathion, so feel free to write that if you like. I have a particular interest in how they balance the obvious conflicts due to their positions and philosophies with a relationship.

I'd also be interested in something just about Wrathion - what is he actually doing? What is he up to on Draenor? Or Anduin - after running all over Pandaria, is it hard to adjust to staying home and leaving everything to the players? Is he perhaps finally making sure all the regions that say they need help from Stormwind are actually getting it?

I'm not normally the biggest fan of Varian and I haven't been impressed by his "redemption" (otherwise known as finally growing up at, what, 40?), but even I can see that WoD leaves tons of things to explore. On this Draenor, the orcs who started the war that basically shaped his entire life are still alive (including Garona); I'd love to see something exploring how he feels about that.

I'd be interested in something similar for Jaina - this Draenor must have an Azeroth, after all, and further, this is a timeline where the Scourge does not exist. Does she think about that and what it means? Is she tempted to meddle? Or tell me about what she and the Kirin Tor are doing; we've only seen her briefly. What does she plan for the future? What is her Dalaran like, now that the Sunreavers were expelled? Does she regret her actions? (I also really ship Jaina/Vereesa, so feel free to go there.)

I know Yrel was basically put in to get us to shut up about the lack of female NPCs, but I actually love her. I'd love to read a story about her, something that really explores how she feels about everything that's happened. What does she really think about these strangers from another world? Doesn't she wonder about why some of them are draenei? How is she dealing with the rapid transition from apprentice to exarch? Does she really feel ready? Or tell me about a day in her life now; what is it she does as Exarch Yrel?

Finally, Khadgar. He seems so different from when we saw him in Outland and I'd love to know why. Is it just the chance to do things over, at least on one version of Draenor, or is there more to it? Did he have this flippant personality as an apprentice of Medivh or is that a new thing? What is his relationship with Jaina and the rest of the Kirin Tor these days like - we've seen hints, but little more.

Alternately, feel free to just explore some of the loose ends Blizzard will probably never tie up as well. Like Koltira - Sylvanas kidnapped him in Cata, what's happened since? For that matter, how is Horde functioning with the change of leadership? How is Vol'jin dealing with Sylvanas and her reckless creation of more Undead? Or the Pandaren - can they heal the Vale? How is rebuilding going? How do they feel about Thrall's summary execution of Garrosh, despite their claim at the end of SoO? What about the Gilneans - the Alliance promised to take back their homeland, but nothing's been done. Are they getting impatient? Etc, etc.
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