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I'm back from my trip to the Philippines :D There are 4 pinch hits that need to be claimed. If you'd like to write for one of them, please comment below with which pinch hit you'd like and your AO3 name. Comments are screened. 24 hours later, a name will be chosen randomly for each pinch hit. These are due July 5th, two days after assignments are due.

If you're thinking about defaulting, please do so now instead of later. If you do finish the fic, you can always upload it.

Pinch Hit #3 - Taken
Request 1 by alchemicink
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Any Character

I'd love genfic or romance. Whatever the writer prefers. Please note that Takaki is my favorite so I'd like him to play a main role in the fic if possible

Please don't include explicit sexual content
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Request 2 by alchemicink
Fandom: Elementary (TV)
Any Character

I'd love any kind of story that explores Sherlock and Joan's friendship. Any inclusion of Bell in a main role would be great too.

Please don't include explicit sexual content
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Request 3 by alchemicink
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Any Character

I like all the characters but B'Elanna and Tom are my favorites. Preferably, I'd like a story set during the series and not post-canon

Please don't include explicit sexual content
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Pinch Hit #4 - Taken
Request 1 by Mierke
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory (TV)
Penny (Big Bang Theory)

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Request 2 by Mierke
Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)
Amy Santiago Gina Linetti Ray Holt Rosa Diaz

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Request 3 by Mierke
Fandom: The Fosters (TV 2013)
Callie Jacob Jude Jacob

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Request 4 by Mierke
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Logan Huntzberger Rory Gilmore

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Pinch Hit #5 - Taken
Request 1 by shinealightonme
Fandom: The 100 (TV)
Harper (The 100)

Sing me the song of Harper McIntyre (SHE HAS A LAST NAME NOW! ALL REJOICE!). I LOVE this delinquent, who has gone through so much pain, who hasn't broken even if she has fractured and is still putting herself back together, who has made bad mistakes (STANDING ASIDE TO LET THE MASSACRE HAPPEN) but has also done everything in her power to make up for them (OH MY BABIES WITH YOUR ANEMIC LITTLE RESISTANCE CELL). I love Harper, and if you love her too, I want to hear you tell a story about her!

Any kind of story you like. Gen, femslash, het, whatever -- though I'm not looking for either Clarke/Bellamy or Clarke/Lexa here, even as background pairings. I love pretty much every character on this show except, like, Titus. I have very deep, very weird feelings about Jaha and Murphy that you will probably not understand/agree with, that's okay, I shame myself for them on a regular basis and you don't have to feel like you have to include them. I love, love, LOVE Monty, Miller, Jasper, Raven, Octavia -- pretty much all of the delinquents, most of the Grounders, most of the Arkadians, so include any other characters as you see fit.

Things I would love to see: Angst! Hurt-comfort! Fluff! Action/adventure! Slice of life! Mystery! Intrigue! Gallows humor! Mutual healing! People who really need to heal but don't want to openly talk about it, sort of hanging out vaguely helping each other! LADIES HELPING LADIES.

Specific prompts: Backstory: what did Harper do to get thrown in the Skybox? What did they do in Skybox when they weren't being assaulted by their science teacher? Missing scene: Harper befriending Miller (especially if he's all grumpy and pretending he doesn't want to be friends), hanging with Monty and Jasper in the camp at the Dropship, doing her damnedest to survive Mt. Weather, spending time (making time?!) with Monroe. Alternate universes: Harper loves ghost stories, what if she was IN a ghost story (or other kind of supernatural tale)? Or: I cannot be alone in thinking Harper would make a FANTASTIC pirate. Or: literally any kind of AU, I love AUs. Star Trek fusion AU? Coffee shop AU? It's all good.

I reblog a lot of stuff about the 100 on my tumblr, so if you want a sense of what I like I'm

Request 2 by shinealightonme
Fandom: Psych
Any Character

So, I love Shawn/Gus/Jules/Lassiter both in a shippy OT4 way or just a platonic fourway friendship kind of way. Within/aside from that foursome dynamic, I love when the characters get switched around or paired off in odd ways ("Feet Don't Kill Me Now" when Gus is Lassiter's partner and it works surprisingly well? Holy CRAP I love that.) I love that Shawn and Gus get Lassiter out of trouble, and that Gus is still convinced in later seasons that Lassiter did kill that guy.

Of the non-OT4 ships the only one I'm super invested in is Shawn/Lassiter, though I love all combinations of 2 or 3 of those characters being friends (Shawn & Gus? OBVI. Juliet & Lassiter? TO DIE FOR. Gus & Juliet & Lassiter? AMAZING AND ALSO YOU KNOW SHAWN IS POUTING SOMEWHERE ABOUT BEING LEFT OUT, HAHA.) I think Lassiter/Marlowe is ADORABLE, so if you want to write that or include her at all that would be awesome! But, you don't have to.

I really love scenes where Juliet gets to be good at her job and where she's not getting totally pushed around by Shawn -- I love "If You're So Smart Then Why Are You Dead?" when Lassiter is "teaching" her all his the rules, and her jokes about how many rules there are, and her trying to scare Shawn off and Lassiter being all pleased and proud in the background. I love the Juliet-Lassiter friendship and them working together, so any scenes like that would be great!

I love Karen Vick, if you include her at all I would be overjoyed. I love her sort of pragmatic attitude, like "well this guy is probably lying about the psychic thing but as long as he gets the job done I don't really care". I love that scene with Vick and Juliet when Vick is warning Juliet that she has to be extra careful as a woman on the force trying to make friends, and Juliet being like "I thought we were friends" and Vick is like "We're not". They have such an interesting dynamic but we get to see very little of it.

Specific prompts: Any kind of casefic, especially if the case itself is sort of unimportant or minuscule but the characters are all taking it EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY (like, Lassiter and Shawn and Juliet all getting hyper-competitive over who can solve the case of the stolen lunchbox or whatever). Going undercover. Someone besides Shawn has to pretend to have psychic powers for some reason. Any kind of role reversal -- maybe a fic where Gus gets to be the super sleuth, or Shawn has to be a stickler for the rules and Lassiter and Juliet get to go rogue. Going on vacation together (it would probably be, like, Lassiter went on vacation and Shawn found out his plans and invited himself & others along too). Literally any kind of AU, stick these goofs in some weird situation and see what falls out (I wanted to do a rock band AU back when USA Network was running that "Private Eyes" promo for the show, but never did).

Request 3 by shinealightonme
Fandom: Eureka
Jo Lupo

Just give me anything with Jo Lupo and I will love you forever.

Seriously, I can't stress enough how much I love Jo Lupo. I love how strong she is, but also her vulnerabilities and insecurities -- and how she compensates for those by acting INCREDIBLY TOUGH, DO NOT MESS WITH ME, I WILL SHOOT YOU, ZANE/CARTER/FARGO/WHOEVER. I love that the universe keeps knocking her down and she keeps picking herself up again. I love that she has this little sense of whimsy and humor that you have to look carefully for -- that she's the world's best secret santa, or when she's laughing at Carter when she had the same dream as him "there is something funny about Sheriff Carter exposure" -- just these little moments of tenderness and laughter. I love the whole episode where she's going on walkabout and is so, like, angry and focused and determined about it, like "I AM GOING TO JUST WANDER AROUND AND FIND MYSELF. IS SHE HERE? NO? WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING," just, oh Jo.

Character combos: I love, love, love, love her friendship with Carter, it is one of my favorite platonic male-female friendships. (I like to pretend all that bullshit with Allison being jealous of them in season 5 never happened.) I do ship her with Zane, but partly that is because I love how awkward and complicated their relationship is, so if you write them I like if it's not a perfect fairy tale romance. I love her being friends with Fargo and with Zoe, when they aren't fighting over Zane. Or hell, even if you want to do a future fic where Zoe is older I feel like there could be some interesting Jo/Zoe possibilities? Henry is a great character too, I feel like he and Jo never spent a lot of time together but you can fix that now and write them!

Specific prompts: I love robots. Deputy Andy, or new robots, just anything with robots is awesome. I love all the old sci-fi tropes that get trotted out in every sci-fi show: time loops, traveling through alternate dimensions, frozen in time, clones, telepathy, de-aged character (LUPO BABYSITTING CARTER AS A SMALL CHILD, WOULD IT EVEN BE ANY DIFFERENT FROM THEIR NORMAL INTERACTIONS), any of those old staples. I love that this show didn't try to pretend it was the first sci-fi show ever and had references to things like Terminator and was very genre savvy. I love non-sci-fi tropes, too: amnesia, curtainfic, road trips, slice of life, etc.

Pinch Hit #6 - Taken
Request 1 by TigerLily
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Horatio Caine Ryan Wolfe Tim Speedle Rick Stetler


No blood play, no scat play, no hardcore bdsm

Request 2 by TigerLily
Fandom: CSI: NY
Mac Taylor Danny Messer Don Flack Stella Bonasera


No blood play, no scat play, no hardcore bdsm

Request 3 by TigerLily
Fandom: Iron Man (Movies)
Tony Stark Pepper Potts Phil Coulson Natasha Romanov


No blood play, no scat play, no hardcore bdsm

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