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The final pinch hits are due July 9th, 11:55 pm Eastern, use New York if you need to convert time zones. These are first come, first serve. Please leave your AO3 username and what pinch hit you want to claim.

I won't be home later tonight, so there will be some delay when I assign claims during that time.

Pinch Hit #8 - Taken
Request 1 by BonesOfBirdWings
Fandom: Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Veralidaine Sarrasri

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Request 2 by BonesOfBirdWings
Fandom: Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends
Natsume Takashi Natori Shuuichi

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Request 3 by BonesOfBirdWings
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Shindou Hikaru

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Request 4 by BonesOfBirdWings
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Martin Crieff Douglas Richardson

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Request 5 by BonesOfBirdWings
Fandom: Psych
Shawn Spencer Carlton Lassiter

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Request 6 by BonesOfBirdWings
Fandom: Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Finn (Star Wars)

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Pinch Hit #9 - Taken
Request 1 by Elsajeni
Fandom: The Mummy Series
Rick O'Connell Evy Carnahan O'Connell Ardeth Bay


I am a woman of simple tastes, and those tastes are: threesomes, mostly. See my letter for more details!

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Request 2 by Elsajeni
Fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy
Luke Skywalker Leia Organa Wedge Antilles Lando Calrissian


I'd most like a gen fic focusing on the friendship between any combination of these characters. See my letter for more details!

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Request 3 by Elsajeni
Fandom: Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Finn (Star Wars) Rey (Star Wars) Luke Skywalker (Sequel Trilogy) Poe Dameron


I would really enjoy a fic focused around Luke that fills in some of what he's been up to for the last thirty years, or a fic focused around Finn or Rey (or both!) adjusting to their new lives post-TFA. See my letter for more details!

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Pinch Hit #10 - Taken
Request 1 by heeroluva
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Solas, Male Forgotten One

Solas/Male Forgotten One
• Not gonna lie. Kind of what someone who’s powerful enough to take Solas down a peg or two. Maybe the Forgotten Ones can slip through the cracks and into the Fade on occasion and one stumbles across Solas. (Thought: what if the Forgotten Ones weren’t necessarily evil, but they were the gods that just didn’t hide what they were like the Evanuris did? Like there is a “god” of the dead, the desperate, the forsaken, the forgotten, when really he takes care of those who come to him, though they were willing to [and did] die for him. Maybe Solas’ desperation reaches him even in the Abyss?)
• Or it could be something darker where the Forgotten one is truly a monster. Maybe Solas is forced to make a deal and/or have sex with one to save the others. Magic gone wrong (right!?). The Nightmare demon fight taking a different turn.
• Body horror - Basically any sort of body transformation situation (someone's changed into an animal/monster, stomach bulging from tentacles/cum/eggs, etc.) so long as it's not deadly (so dragon-hybrid Dorian would be fine, but no Red Templar Cullen for example).
• Different Origin - Basically I was wondering what is the Inquisitor was a one of forgotten ones.
• GIANT WOLF SOLAS? Solas with wolf characteristics (claws, fangs, growling, knotting, etc).


I can't officially request the same fandom twice with multiple groups of characters, but I'd also be interested in seeing Iron Bull/Cole if you are so inspired.

Cole/Iron Bull
• Not going to lie. I’d really love to see something here where Cole gets aroused from kill bad people. Maybe Cole wonders if that makes him a demon and seeks Iron Bull out to kill him. Maybe Iron Bull notices and seeks Cole out himself. Basically I want something where Iron Bull helps Cole embrace it.
• Cole liking/drinking blood of those he kills.
• Service Top - Bull being whatever Cole needs.
• Bull doesn't see the world like most people (because he was raised by the Qun, because he was Ben-Hassrath, etc.), and Cole tries to understand.
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Request 2 by heeroluva
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Jaromir Jagr

• Rookies kneeling for Jagr, Jagr kneeing for someone.
• Post win fun
• Jagr's lasted so long because he's an incubus who feeds from his teammates.
• Jagr sets up gangbangs/hookups for his rookie(s), maybe even pimps them out (mostly consensual here please).
• Closeted veteran and an adoring but straight rookie. The rookie is super affectionate and very open about his admiration, teammates love making jokes about puppy love, the veteran knows it's just hero worship but finds it hard not to enjoy the attention and develop a crush. Maybe even acts on wishful thinking, leading to painful awkwardness. Alternatively I would be interested in something where the player is very closeted or even a gay for you situation rather than straight.
• Jagr has a somewhat deserved reputation of being a love em and leave em type. What if he found someone who he didn't want to leave?
• Jagr kinks on the age difference.
• Accidental (group?!) soulbonds complicating things.
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Request 3 by heeroluva
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes

My interest in this ship can be divided into a few categories. “I want to see Steve and/or Bucky hurt” and/or “write all the kinky sex” and/or “hurt them and make them better” (for various levels of “better”).
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Pinch Hit #11 - Taken
Request 1 by hiddencait
Fandom: Black Sails
Billy Bones

(Please see letter for additional details.)
I recently discovered this show and proceeded to binge watch everything there was for it in under two weeks. It is utterly brilliantly written, and I love everything about it. While all the characters are fantastic, Billy was a clear fave for me with his steady loyalty to his brothers despite the world having kicked him in the teeth on a regular basis. Totally a Hufflepuff, and I can’t help but love that. (It doesn’t hurt that Tom Hopper is gorgeous and 6’5” and I would climb him like a tree). I also was utterly enchanted with “literate pirate storyteller with bonus quill feather” that we got later in the series – as a writer, it was a bulletproof guarantee that I’d latch on to his character hard.

Mostly, I’d love to see Billy actually have a good day for this fic – seriously he has a hell of a time of it in the series, and I’d like to see something go his way for a change. Shipping wise, my faves are Billy/Abigail Ashe and Billy/Charles Vane (though please limit the dub con/non con elements that could crop up for this pairing), but I’m actually not a fan of Billy/James Flint. If you aren’t a shipper, asexual!Billy would be fantastic as would gen. I’d be especially interested to see him interact with any of the show’s fantastic ladies – he shares very little screen time with them in the series, so I’d be intrigued how a conversation might go between him and Abigail, Anne, Idelle, Miranda, Madi, or Max, perhaps. Basically, let him talk to a lady – he’s allowed LOL.
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Request 2 by hiddencait
Fandom: Pacific Rim (2013)
Hercules Hansen

(Please see letter for additional details.)
I enjoyed basically the entire cast of this movie, but really Herc’s who I’m focused on for this exchange. Something about Max Martini just kept my attention no matter who was on screen with him, and considering the gorgeous cast, that’s saying a helluva lot.

That said, I would LOVE some het-smut for him if you fancy that as there is very little to be found for him. Pairing wise, I’m good with his canon wife Angela (everybody lives much? *grin*), Mako, or even trio’d up with the Kaidanosky couple and/or Mako and Raleigh together. Hell, I’d be thrilled with a semi-anonymous OC too! Just make him the focus of attention please.

Also, if you want to go the canon character deaths route, I really would love to see him get some kind of closure and healing after the film, whether on his own, or with Raleigh and Mako supporting him as friends (or even as lovers). Also, we know we’re getting a sequel at some point – what do you think would happen for Herc if that movie hits? Does he dive back into the battle as a pilot or help to lead a renewed Shatter Dome? Or does he wrestle with returning at all? Basically, I’d just like Herc as the focus of a fic that ends up on at least a hopeful if not outwardly happy note.
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Request 3 by hiddencait
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV)
Beth Greene, Daryl Dixon

(Please see letter for additional details.)
Typical me to fall for a pairing LONG after one of them has been killed off on screen (this is what happens when I’m waiting to binge watch seasons on Netflix – le sigh). But yeah, Beth/Daryl (or Beth & Daryl if you don’t want to go the shippy route) had such a fantastic connection. I’d love anything with these two as long as they are both alive and well and as happy as is possible at the end of the world. Anything from fixit fics of any kind saving her life whether by stopping the abduction in the first place or having her escape the hospital or even complete AUs where zombies never existed could be fantastic (fave AUs are listed in my Like List btw).
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Request 4 by hiddencait
Fandom: Daredevil (TV)
Frank Castle, Karen Page

(Please see letter for additional details.)
OK for real, if Netflix wanted me to ship Karen/Matt, they should have kept Frank off screen, because holy HELLS that chemistry. It was a little ridiculous, and I want so much more of it. They were both just so fascinated by each other – the dynamic is so fraught with so many bad ideas, but I can’t help but wanting all of it. Karen as the investigative reporter just hits all of my competency buttons (her interactions with Ellison were surprise faves for me), and Frank, oh bless him Frank – his very dark, very wry stealth sense of humor got me every time, and I just ACHED for him. While yeah, I ship the hell out of these two, gen/friendship fic would definitely be welcome, though I’d prefer they weren’t dating other people in the background.
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Request 5 by hiddencait
Fandom: Sanctuary (TV)
Ashley Magnus, Henry Foss

(Please see letter for additional details.)
This show was just a laundry list of all the things I love best in fic, from the badass ladies, to the cryptids/Abnormals, to the Steampunk details showing up in Helen’s history and all of Henry’s tech. Just too much fun!

This is definitely another one where I ship it like Fedex. All through the first season I hoped this pairing might end up happening. Henry was so blatantly crushing on his young buddy, but never pushed at her, and I really liked that aspect to their relationship. Plus I thought they made a really interesting partnership with her being the one physically stronger at first glance, but only because he chose not to embrace the physical side of his shape shifting. Plus courtship through fun weaponry just made me smile like a loon. I’d been good with a pre-Ashley’s abduction fic or an AU where she survived or was found alive. Mostly I just want to see these two being adorable together.

Don’t be too intimidated by the overly-shippy prompts, though. I’d be great with Abnormal Hunter!Bros with these two, as well.
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Pinch Hit #12 - Taken
Request 1 by Impala_Chick
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV) RPF
Dylan O'Brien

I'm not a big Hoechlin fan, so I would love to read about Dylan interacting with any of the other Teen Wolf cast members (feel free to ship him with anyone else you like, including his RL GF). Fun, flirty banter thrown in would just make my day.

-place the character(s) on the Teen Wolf set in a trailer talking (or doing other things)
-in some secluded room after the characters sneak away from some big party
-traveling to or from somewhere exotic/being on vacation
-going to a Mets game
-just chillin' at home with no reference to Hollywood; etc.

I have no objection to including references to the actors' other projects or Tyler Posey's band. :) I would also be happy with an angst-y Dylan if you want to go that route (but I do like happy endings) - either angsting about the state of Hollywood, his (lack of) time with family, or his upcoming projects. A fic about his past, before Maze Runner, would also be interesting.

I should add I'm a fan of JR Bourne, Holland Roden, TPose and Crystal Reed if you feel so inclined to include any of them.

My General likes/DNWs are in my letter.
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 2 by Impala_Chick
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)
Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa

I'm a shameless Jack Thompson fangirl. I think it's interesting to watch him struggle with his moral compass (or lack thereof). I also think it's important that he isn't sure who he can trust or who he can be friends with - but at the end of the day he always appreciates Sousa and Carter and their ability to be so selfless/honest. I'd love some Thompson/Sousa (esp. if it's antagonistic love).

Sousa is such a great hero, and seeing him save the day is wonderful. I really like his role as a leader who is able to see many sides to a situation and take charge when necessary. In that vein, case-fic or a coda/expansion/missing scene of a season two episode would be so great.

Seeing the characters discuss being Chief/their ambitions/their past (with each other or with Carter or with someone else) would be great. Witty banter is an excellent plus. I like introspection & angst, and I'm fine with ambiguous endings.

I should add that I'm also on-board with Sousa/Carter, Thompson/Carter, or Thompson/Sousa/Carter. :)

-Characters at a bar after a big job
-Characters doing something domestic at home
-Characters staying late at the office and trying to keep each other awake and/or amused
-Characters learning to dance (or some other necessary 1940s social skill)

My General likes/DNWs are in my letter.
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 3 by Impala_Chick
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers

Peggy and Steve saving the world is my favorite thing. A snapshot of their time together in the theater of war would be fantastic - whether it's stealing soft moments on the front lines, worrying about each other during separate battles, or planning/carrying out a mission. An alternate universe where Steve isn't frozen or where Peggy finds him would be so fun. I like their ability to work as a team even without talking. I also like how they are both natural leaders. I am also into some Peggy and/or Steve angsting and dealing with the after-effects of war.

I definitely cannot overstate how much I like domestic fic here. I generally always like domestic fic, but seeing Peggy and Steve doing something mundane would be so interesting and such a contrast to their high-powered lives.

-Steve & Peggy on the front lines, trying to get some sleep
-Steve & Peggy helping a local with some sort of issue
-A local helping Steve & Peggy either with food or shelter
-Steve & Peggy moving in together

My General likes/DNWs are in my letter.
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Pinch Hit #13 - Taken
Request 1 by jiokra
Fandom: The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011)
Marcus Flavius Aquila, Esca Mac Cunoval

I'm in love with everything about this canon and Marcus and Esca, how the story and characters explore the relation between Romans and non-Romans, the historic fiction of the lost Ninth Legion, giving this real event an urban myth vibe. I'd love canon divergent, post-canon, missing moments, anything that explores the canon.
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 2 by jiokra
Fandom: Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Poe Dameron, Finn (Star Wars)

I love these characters and their dynamic so much. I wish they had more scenes together! I'd love anything with them. Going on missions, hijinks, whump, PWP, competence kink.
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 3 by jiokra
Fandom: Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat
Laurent (Captive Prince), Damen (Captive Prince)

I love these characters, how much they love each other, and everything that is keeping them apart. Most of all, I'd love canon AUs or canon divergence that explores their relationship, the factors keeping them apart, how things could have changed between them if [insert event] didn't happen or happened differently.
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 4 by jiokra
Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)
Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane

This show and these two characters are so fascinating to me! I'd love character study, Malec, gen, anything. I adore how their relationship developed in the show, and if you'd like, I'd love PWP, smut, Magnus's magic used for purposes likely not covered in the spell books and door stopper history books Alec studied like the good Shadowhunter he is.
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Pinch Hit #14 - Taken
Request 1 by Memaizaka
Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
Fëanor | Curufinwë Sons of Fëanor Curufin | Curufinwë Maglor | Makalaurë

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 2 by Memaizaka
Fandom: Metal Gear
Any Character

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 3 by Memaizaka
Fandom: Silent Hill (Video Game Series)
Any Character

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Pinch Hit #15 - Taken
Request 1 by NightsMistress
Fandom: Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types
Hinata Hajime

What happens on Jabberwock Island now? Hajime's continued existence as Hajime was unexpected, but is Kamukura Izuru really gone completely? Is Hajime truly okay with himself now, or is it still a work in progress? How do the surviving kids get by on Jabberwock Island, and how much do they truly remember of what happened before? I've only requested one, but that's because I would love to see Hajime interact with whichever one of the surviving kids is your favourite. I couldn't choose! Or maybe it's just focused on him himself! I'm cool with anything!

Or, if you want to write fix-it fic, fix it fic where they manage to wake up your favourite DR2 character!
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 2 by NightsMistress
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Seifer Almasy, Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII)

Seifer thinks he’s living his romantic dream: knight to a powerful sorceress who needs him. Ultimecia knows that he’s just a boy playing at being a knight, and keeps him on a leash. Does Seifer make the decisions he does because he wants to please Ultimecia, or does he make the decisions he does because she has made him want to please her? What ways does she punish him when he fails? Has he ever been punished because he was a SeeD cadet? Has Ultimecia ever used her magic to make Seifer want something he actually doesn’t, and is he aware of the dissonance between what he feels and what she wants him to feel? Has an actual leash come out, given that he’s her lapdog? And, given that GFs erase memory, has Ultimecia ever convinced Seifer that he has lost memories that he never had?
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 3 by NightsMistress
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII Series
Hope Estheim

Hope's done a lot of growing up over the years, and I'd like to see a story that focuses on things that he does during this time period. Hope became a very proactive person in the time period, Doing Things and Seeing Stuff ... and probably blowing things up given that his glee at the fireworks in Lightning Returns manages to overcome Bhunivelze's actively quashing his emotions. Hope, what the hell? I'm also interested in what it was like for him to go forward in time, twice, and how he has actively forsaken everything that is familiar to him. He is in a new time period, with no-one who knows him, and where he is practically deified. What are his thoughts about that?
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 4 by NightsMistress
Fandom: Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Nealan of Queenscove, Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau

I am really, really interested in Alanna and how she deals with her first squire! They're both argumentative, have a fierce temper, don't suffer fools gladly and chances are every time Alanna complained about Neal to her friends, they laughed a lot. So I'd love to read more about these two!

Some ideas:
Alanna teaching Neal how to use his Gift and balance it with his duty as a knight;
An adventure!
Alanna and Neal get involved in one of George's plans.
I am very interested in Alanna hitting Neal up for information about Kel, because of course she would, but I really want the focus to be on the relationship these two have.
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 5 by NightsMistress
Fandom: Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Ronan Nolan, Penn Shao-Feng

At the end of the book Nita and Kit suggest to Penn that he needs to talk to Ronan. This conversation did not happen in the book and I would love to see how people think it went. Did Ronan do it immediately or did he put it off because his first impression of Penn was hilariously bad and the Powers had to engineer a coincidence to get them in the same time and space? Did anything productive come of this discussion or did the two of them just spend the whole time being aggravating at one another? Is Penn aggrieved that at least Ronan got to find out about his unexpected passenger by a girl kissing him? And how much does Ronan have to stop himself rolling his eyes while wondering if Nita has mellowed out, because the Nita he met in Ireland would have turned Penn into slag?
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