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Pinch hits

There are 2 pinch hits that need to be claimed. If you'd like to write for one of them, please comment below with which pinch hit you'd like and your AO3 name. Comments are screened. 24 hours later, a name will be chosen randomly for each pinch hit.

Pinch Hit #3
Request 1 by Alley_Skywalker
Fandom:A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Quentyn Martell/Sansa Stark Gerris Drinkwater/Quentyn Martell
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 2 by Alley_Skywalker
Fandom:Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat
Aimeric/Jord (Captive Prince)
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 3 by Alley_Skywalker
Fandom:Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Qui-Gon Jinn & Anakin Skywalker (PT)
Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 4 by Alley_Skywalker
Fandom:Spartacus Series (TV)
Tiberius Licinius Crassus/Sabinus
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Pinch Hit #4
Request 1 by silveradept
Fandom:Final Fantasy XII
Balthier & Fran

Sky Pirates! Well, okay, one Sky Pirate who lets his ego get in the way and the Viera that keeps him firmly grounded by preventing him from running away with too much.

If at possible, I'd like to see a story from the days before/after meeting with Vaan, preferably one where Balthier's mouth gets them both into trouble, and they have to use quick thinking to bring themselves back from what should be a situation gone horribly wrong.

Request 2 by silveradept
Fandom:Babylon 5
G'Kar & Londo Mollari Vir Cotto & Londo Mollari Delenn & Susan Ivanova Delenn & Lennier Michael Garibaldi & Susan Ivanova

Work partnerships, all of these. Feel free to include as many or as few of them as you would like, but I think it would be interesting if a thread could be woven, possibly around, say, the latest incarnation of G'kar's compiled works, where everyone is talking and commenting on the same things, possibly with each other and with their respective friendships, in such a way that we get insight into everything.

(If you do go with this route, have G'kar and Londo last, please? They're such a good friendship, even when they hate each other, they are the best for each other.)

Request 3 by silveradept
Fandom:The Sandman (Comics)
Death of the Endless & Dream of the Endless | Daniel

"Well, kid, see, you're the new Dream. The old one left the job behind, which is something we didn't think could be done before, but, well, guess you can. What that means, though, is that you're going to need some help figuring all of this new stuff out. And since I'm your big sister, well, I guess that job falls to me."

Request 4 by silveradept
Fandom:Batman: The Animated Series
Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

A romp, please, in the very best traditions of Harley and Ivy going out and painting the town red, with no man on either side of the law able to stop them from having a good night out!

Request 5 by silveradept
Fandom:Fringe (TV)
Walter Bishop & Astrid Farnsworth Peter Bishop & Astrid Farnsworth Olivia Dunham & Astrid Farnsworth

Astrid is the hinge here - what is it like working with the Fringe crew, when there's one crazy scientist who can't get her name right, one of his experiments that's on loan from the FBI, and his son from another dimension, whom he loves fiercely and who clearly has feelings for the FBI agent? It's got to be complicated, and that's before the cow shows up.

Request 6 by silveradept
The Doctor (Star Trek) & Seven of Nine The Doctor (Star Trek)/Seven of Nine

The option's yours as to whether you want this to be an & or a / . But I think this story is a good one of two outsiders to the working of humans trying to understand them and coming to a shared understanding of their own about the matter. It's tough for both of them to feel welcome and part of the crew at times, and sometimes talking it out with each other helps them learn more than they had anticipated.

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