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Jun. 21st, 2017 10:11 am
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There are 2 pinch hits that need to be claimed. If you'd like to write for one of them, please comment below with which pinch hit you'd like and your AO3 name. Comments are screened. 24 hours later, a name will be chosen randomly for each pinch hit.

Pinch Hit #7
Request 1 by arysteia
Fandom:The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo

I'm a huge fan of antagonists falling for each other, so Illya and Napoleon's transition from foes to friends to something more works perfectly for me. I'd love to see some of that journey, whether the whole way or just the final step. Equally, I love a tale of comrades in arms who have a whole other relationship going on at the same time, and the way that that impacts their work, and/or the way the dangers thereof impact said relationship. Please see my letter for more details.
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Request 2 by arysteia
Fandom:Fast and the Furious Series
Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto Brian O'Conner/Letty Ortiz/Dominic Toretto/Mia Toretto

Apologies for leaving this till the last minute. Please see my letter.
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Request 3 by arysteia
Fandom:DCU (Comics)
Tim Drake & Dick Grayson & Jason Todd & Bruce Wayne & Damian Wayne

The Batfamily as a family, and Bruce's ridiculous claim to be darkness, the night, and a loner whilst having assembled it, is one of my favourite things in all of comics, so I'd love anything that's built around that basic structure. I prefer neither to drown in angst nor in sugar, so somewhere in the middle is my sweet spot.

DNW: Any suggestion of non-filial relationships between Batman and any of the Robins, or amongst the Robins. Please keep this fic strictly gen.
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Pinch Hit #8
Request 1 by DesertScribe
Fandom:Gravity Falls
Jesus "Soos" Alzamirano Ramirez & Grunkle Stan | Stanley "Stanford" Pines Mabel Pines & Grunkle Stan | Stanley "Stanford" Pines Wendy Corduroy & Mabel Pines

Soos & Stan: I'm really interested in the whole angle of Soos seeing Stan as a father figure and sometimes Stan is oblivious and/or terrible at it but other times he really does treat Soos as a member of the family. I'd love to see some backstory of Stan doing stuff with Soos which, whether Stan realizes or not (or realizes but won't admit it), is some kind of traditional father&son activity, like teaching him to shave or to drive or whatever. Or maybe contrast two incidents, one where Soos sees Stan as behaving in a fatherly manner without Stan meaning to and one where Stan is intentionally stepping in as a father figure and Soos doesn't realize. Or just have them fight some Gravity Falls weirdness together, because that would be cool too.

Mabel & Stan: I love how these two alternate between helping each other and encouraging bad behavior. I'd love to see them having another ridiculous wager between the two of them like in Boss Mabel. Or maybe the two of them go on a road trip that kind of accidentally turns into a crime spree. Or time travel shenanigans where teens/twenties Mabel meets teens/twenties Stan. Or the two of them helping each other deal with their feelings of inadequacy when compared to their respective twins. Or Stan teaching Mabel some weird skill which later saves her from danger and Mabel doing the same for Stan.

Wendy & Mabel: I love how these two can bring outside perspective to each other's problems that they can't get from their own core group of friends. I'd love to see them going on an adventure together and somehow saving the day with axes and knitting needles. Or they hand out and find new ridiculous ways to keep themselves entertained during a slow day working at the Shack. Or all that rainbow goo they got covered in while fighting the unicorns gives them mostly useless magic powers or turns them into were-unicorns or does something else equally ridiculous.

Do Not Want: incest, rape/non-con, scat/watersports, graphic underage sex, omegaverse, mundane AUs
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Request 2 by DesertScribe
Fandom:Night at the Museum (Movies)
Tilly (Night at the Museum) & None Tilly & Larry Daley Laaa/Tilly (Night at the Museum) Ahkmenrah & Lancelot & Tilly (Night at the Museum)

I love Tilly and would love to see anything about what she was doing during the time-skip at the end of the movie or further into the future . If you are looking to write post-canon fic beyond the final scene of the third movie, I like to think that Ahkmenrah and his tablet will permanently return to New York once the world tour is over and that Tilly will go with them, but you don't have to take things in that direction if there's some other story you want to tell.

For just Tilly by herself: How does she handle going from a boring job where she sits in a little booth all night to a job where she's dealing with magic and wonder and chaotic all night parties, all while officially she's still supposed to be sitting in that little booth all night? Is there and part of the museum that she especially loves or hates when it comes to life? What kind of fun or trouble does she have during the exhibits' world tour at the end of Secret of the Tomb?

Tilly & Larry: Does she keep in touch with Larry to get advice and/or complain about the latest magical shenanigans she has had to clean up after? Does she ever try to talk Larry into coming back to work for the museum again once the tablet is back in New York, and if so does she succeed? Does Larry kind of become her pseudo-father-in-law once she gets reunited with Laaa?

Ahkmenrah & Lancelot & Tilly: Does Tilly hit it off immediately with Ahkmenrah and Lancelot, or does she have personality clashes with one or both of them as she settles into her role as guardian of the tablet? Do they ever have weird culture clashes due to being from different times/places and Lancelot being fictional? What kind of problems do they need to team up to try to solve? Does Tilly ever talk Ahkmenrah and/or Lancelot into letting her have swords and teaching her how to use them?

Laaa/Tilly: Laaa had only been 'alive' for a few nights when he first met Tilly. How does his relationship with Tilly change as he gets more real world experience beyond whatever caveman memories he was created with and they get to know each other beyond the initial physical attraction? What is the biggest hurdle to their relationship: the language barrier, the species barrier, the fact that Laaa is only a mannequin as long as the sun is up, or something else entirely? What would date night be like for these two? Bonus points for body-positivity and Laaa thinking that Tilly looks like a fertility goddess.

Do Not Want: incest, rape/non-con, scat/watersports, graphic underage sex, omegaverse, mundane AUs
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Request 3 by DesertScribe
Fandom:Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (TV 2016)
The Rowdy 3 & The Kitten-Shark Amanda Brotzman/The Rowdy 3 Bart Curlish & The Kitten-Shark Bart Curlish/Ken

Amanda Brotzman/The Rowdy 3: I love how quickly the Rowdy 3 went from being a menacing force in Amanda's life to a protective one. How does she make a fivesome with this group vampiric hooligans work? Missing scenes from the show or post-canon fic would both be great. Do they always live in that van, or do they occasionally spend time in other sorts of living conditions? Is it always fun and games and smashing stuff, or are there occasional conflicts between individuals, and if so, what kind of conflicts are they? How do they deal with the attack/separation at the end of season one? Or if you want to skip ahead to when that problem has already been resolved, where do you think they'll be in a year, or five years, or beyond? Or you could send them on a road trip to smash things and eat people's fear at famous locations all over the country. Or maybe Amanda talks the five of them into starting a band.

The Rowdy 3 & The Kitten-Shark: Please give me anything about this ridiculous group of psychic energy vampires and the kitten who is secretly a shark. The Rowdy 3 seem like they'd appreciate the feelings of terror that a detonation of the kitten-shark would inspire in other people. They also seem like they might secretly enjoy petting a kitten when no one else is looking. Can a shark trapped in a kitten's body feel dysphoria, and if so, can the Rowdy 3 feed on that sensation? Alternatively, what would happen if the Rowdy 3 needed to fight the kitten-shark?

Bart Curlish & The Kitten-Shark: Bart likes to talk about metaphorically turning into a piranha, so she would probably love a kitten that can literally turn into a shark. What kind of adventures could these two killing machines get up to together? Does Bart struggle with feelings of confusion over wanting to cuddle something tiny and cute, because that's yet another aspect of life she hasn't experienced before? Or does Bart come into conflict with the kitten-shark because it kills someone that her hollistic-assassin sense didn't tell her needed to die?

Bart Curlish/Ken: I love how their relationship evolves over the course of the show and how some of that can be credited to Stockholm Syndrome/Lima Syndrome but a lot of it is just down to the two of them getting to know each other as people and realizing they can make a good team. Missing scenes from the show or post-canon fic would both be great. What other activities or experiences does Ken introduce Bart to, or what does she show him? What happens with the standoff between Bart/Ken and the military guys? If they steal the tank, will Bart let Ken drive it at least a little bit? Does the universe keep pushing them together and trying to get them to kiss more often, or does it keep interrupting them with important hollistic-assassin or destiny related stuff every time they try to have sex?

And if you happen to want to take the completely optional step of combining overlapping requested ships so that Amanda can meet the kitten-shark with the Rowdy 3, or so Ken can meet it when Bart does, or so Bart fights the Rowdy 3 over who gets to keep the kitten-shark, or so Bart and the Rowdy 3 team up to fight the kitten-shark, that would be cool too.

Do Not Want: incest, rape/non-con, scat/watersports, graphic underage sex, omegaverse, mundane AUs
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Request 4 by DesertScribe
Raylan Givens & Loretta McCready

I would love to see anything about these two at any point either during the series or beyond. I love how Raylan alternates between protector, authority figure, and accomplice when it comes to Loretta and how in some matters Loretta is wise beyond her years but in other matters she really, really isn't. Do they get each other into or out of trouble, either on purpose or by accident? Does Raylan need to go after Loretta in his capacity as a US Marshal at some future date due to her aspirations of becoming the weed queen of Kentucky? Or does she find a new career path to follow and they run into each other in some completely unexpected part of the world? Or do they need to spend a night in a Marshal safe house for whatever reason and pass the time by alternately having heartfelt conversations and sassing each other just because in between bouts of arguing over what to watch on TV? Or maybe contrast times Raylan managed to be a good influence on Loretta versus times he was a bad one, or times Loretta was a good influence on Raylan versus times she was a bad one.

Do Not Want: incest, rape/non-con, scat/watersports, graphic underage sex, omegaverse, mundane AUs
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Request 5 by DesertScribe
Fandom:Lucifer (TV)
Amenadiel/Linda Martin/Lucifer Morningstar Linda Martin & Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Linda Martin/Mazikeen (Lucifer TV)

I love Linda and the trials and tribulations she faces in her crash course introduction to the supernatural world. Celestial shenanigans in either her romantic or her professional (or both) life are always awesome.

Amenadiel/Linda/Lucifer: Lucifer has known that having lots of sex with him had remained at the top of Linda's desires since they first met, but what if he asks her again for the first time since she met Amenadiel and learns that her ultimate 'want' is now a threesome with Lucifer and Amenadiel? Or maybe she tries to hold a family therapy session by making the brothers talk about their issues with each other and Lucifer tries seduction as a diversionary tactic and Amenadiel also is desperate enough to stop the questions that for once he follows his brother's lead, and Linda can't bring herself to turn down being the filling in a fallen angel sandwich, but she is definitely going to make them talk about this in their next session. Or you could go with whatever other get-together scenario that you can think of, it doesn't matter how ridiculous. Actual on-screen sex isn't necessary for any of this; I just love the interplay between these three, and if you want to spend your time making it into one big examination of the struggle between all three of their professional obligations and personal desires, that would be cool too.

Linda & Lucifer: I love Linda and Lucifer when they're interacting on a purely professional/platonic level too, and would be happy to see a story about them set either before or after she knows the truth about who he really is. I would love anything about Linda digging into Lucifer's daddy issues, or his mommy issues, or his inability to figure out Chloe, or talking him through any random issue of humanity he doesn't understand and keeps willfully misinterpreting what she is trying to tell him. Or Linda and Lucifer work together on another police case. Or maybe for once Linda is the one with a problem and Lucifer helps him fix it.

Linda/Mazikeen: I love Linda and Mazikeen's growing friendship on the show, and I totally feel like it could go in a romantic direction. Maybe they have another Girls' Night Out, which somehow leads to a hook-up, which somehow leads to a steady relationship. Or maybe they do a fake date together to help out with a case and like it so much they go on a real one afterwards. Or maybe Linda just has a type and Mazikeen fits it as much as Lucifer does, so when Mazikeen offers to have sex, Linda jumps at the chance.

Do Not Want: incest, rape/non-con, scat/watersports, graphic underage sex, omegaverse, mundane AUs, harm to Trixie
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Request 6 by DesertScribe
Fandom:Wynonna Earp (TV)
Willa Earp/Bobo Del Rey Xavier Dolls/Wynonna Earp/Doc Holliday

Willa/Bobo: I love how these two have such a messed up backstory but seem genuinely into each other. I would love to see something from the years Willa was living in the treehouse, whether it's light and fluffy or dark and all Stockholm/Lima syndrome or some weird twisted up combination of the two. Feel free to imply that Bobo initially dub-conned Willa, but I don't want straight up rape. Or if you wanted to go even further back in time, did they know each other before the big attack on the Homestead? Or give me some kind of fix-it for their deaths. Or maybe have them both resurrect when the next Earp heir comes of age, and they get another chance together. Or they come back as ghosts or whatever. Or give me a canon divergent AU where Waverly didn't switch the guns, so Bobo and Willa's plan to walk out of the Ghost River Triangle together worked on the first try; where would they go from there?

Dolls/Wynonna/Doc: I love how these three seem to balance out each other's weaknesses and work together better as an OT3 than any possible pair of them, and all their individual strengths/skills and how they play off of each other while getting a job done is cool too. Give me anything about these three. I'd be happy with shippy missing scenes from season one, with them kind of checking each other out and figuring out how they can fit together, both professionally and romantically. Or you could save the get together for after Doc and Wynonna rescue Dolls from Black Badge. Or show me the rescue itself and how the celebration that follows somehow turns into a threesome. Or put them on a case where they need to go undercover as a poly-ship for a case and like it enough to make it real. Or give me an established relationship that plays with the idea of Waverly being as oblivious about Wynonna's love life as Wynonna was about hers.

Do Not Want: incest, rape/non-con, scat/watersports, graphic underage sex, omegaverse, mundane AUs
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