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The main collection is currently on time to open on the 11th at 10 am Eastern (use New York if you need to convert time zones) as I leave early.

If you have more than one gift waiting for you and you want to know if you were double assigned or if those are treats, you can email to find out which fic is which at notprimetime AT voiceofserenity DOT com.

While the collection is still unrevealed, since these fics are in medium (or bigger) fandoms, chances are those fics won't be on the front page of said fandom. As an option, if you'd like, go ahead and forward date your fic (discretion is advised) once the collection opens/it's already the 11th in your timezone. This way your fic is on your fandom's front page when the collection opens. Otherwise, when the fics are revealed, it probably won't get any foot traffic from people checking out new fics in the fandom because it'll be a few if not more pages back.

To do this, you'll need to edit your fic and scroll down until you reach the Associations box. Towards the end of that box is a ticky box for "Set a different publication date." Ticky it to set the date to July 10th, July 11th or some other date. Then scroll all the way down to click on Post Without Preview.

Good luck!

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