Apr. 4th, 2017

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Nomination Form

Nominations run from April 5th until the 15th. You're able to nominate up to 7 fandoms and for each fandom, up to 12 platonic and/or romantic relationships (& or /). The fandoms must be medium sized fandoms (unless it's an RPF fandom or movie fandom which means it can also be a much smaller fandom). Please nominate fandoms that you are intending to request or offer. The eligibility rules are here.

You must have an AO3 account to use the nomination form. If you need an invitation, please contact us at notprimetime@gmail.com.

You can see the nomination tag set here to see what has been approved.

Note: Fandoms will be the first things approved. Relationship approvals will be much slower. Approved fandoms and relationships will be visible during nominations. The panel for approving fandoms and tags is finite, so I cannot see everything that people nominate. If you are wondering why Fandom X or Relationship Y is taking forever to be approved, it might be because I cannot see it on the panel due to other fandoms and relationships taking up that space.

Please use AO3 canonical fandom and relationship tags as much as possible. Those are the ones that get approved first and the AO3 canonical names are what we are using. If, as an example, you want to nominate 'El Gato/Sue Johnson' the relationship but AO3 has 'Sue Johnson/Juan "El Gato" Rodriguez' as the canonical, the tag set will use the latter.

If anyone nominates a fandom from the megafandom list, it will be flat out rejected. People who accidentally nominate too small fandoms will have a chance to change their nominations until the next clarification post.

When asking for clarifications, if I don't receive information by the next posting, that fandom or relationship will be rejected from the tag set. Please keep an eye out for clarification posts.

More about nominations below )


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