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There are 5 pinch hits that need to be claimed. If you'd like to write for one of them, please comment below with which pinch hit you'd like, your AO3 name, and your email. Comments are screened. 12 hours later, a name will be chosen randomly for each pinch hit. These pinch hits are due July 9th.

Pinch hit #22 - Taken
Request 1 by FreshBrains
Fandom: Orphan Black (TV)
Any Character

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Request 2 by FreshBrains
Fandom: Game of Thrones (TV)

Brienne of Tarth Catelyn Tully Stark Sansa Stark

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Request 3 by FreshBrains
Fandom: Hunger Games Series - All Media Types

Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark Haymitch Abernathy Gale Hawthorne

I'm very interested in poly relationships in this fandom if you'd like to tackle that!

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Request 4 by FreshBrains
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)

Angie Martinelli Peggy Carter

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Request 5 by FreshBrains
Fandom: The Following

Any Character

A poly ship would be amazing for this fandom.

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Request 6 by FreshBrains
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV)

Any Character

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Pinch hit #23 - Taken
Request 1 by hauntedd
Fandom: The 100 (TV)
Lexa (The 100), Clarke Griffin, Indra (The 100), Octavia Blake

Okay so, my favorite character is probably Octavia, and my favorite ship is absolutely Clexa. I don't want Bellarke at all, which is why he's not on my list. I don't mind them working together, or being friends, but nope. Nope. Nope. Clexa4lyfe.

My favorite storyline so far has got to be the Mountain Men. Like just the casual way that they have drained the blood of so many Grounders, made Reapers, and then decided to either force the 100 to breed into their society, and then later, drain them of their bone marrow by drill. So, here are some ideas:

* Octavia & Clarke still go into the mountain to rescue the rest of the SkaiKru but ummm it doesn't go as well for them as it did on the show. Maybe some of them still live, but, I just want to see what a bad ending to that storyline might have been like. And how Lexa & Indra handle it.

* Indra and her conflicting feelings on Octavia. Like, I love the way that Indra is written and how she manages her love for her people and her village and also the pseudo-mother figure she's become to O.

* Clarke is somehow manipulated (via the Red or some other means) to turn against the Grounders, specifically Lexa. So, how does that play out?

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Request 2 by hauntedd
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Arianne Martell

I LOVE ARIANNE MARTELL AND I AM RIPSHIT THAT SHE IS NOT IN THE SHOW. And there is like very little fic about her to calm my rage. So, I leave it to you! I'm totally open to whatever with my bae, Arianne. Maybe something where she finds the letter from Willas and marries him instead? Maybe something where she acts against Doran and makes more of her own moves to secure her Dornish rights of inheritance? Elaborate on her complicated relationship and general distrust of her brother?

Maybe she actually does meet Viserys and tames the Dragon and they reign over Westeros?

Or something where Arianne gets brought into the main plots? Goes to the Eyrie and is the one to suss out Sansa Stark? Decides to seduce Dany herself?

Just give me Arianne Martell please.

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Request 3 by hauntedd
Fandom: Orphan Black (TV)
Sarah Manning, Delphine Cormier

I should sort of preface this request and mention that while I am requesting Delphine, I hate Delphine. I haven't trusted her from the beginning, I don't like the way that she straight up ignores Cosima's wishes, and that she is shady as fuck. What I do at least find interesting about Delphine is her darkish and her villain potential. When she stuck her finger in Rachel's eye socket, I was both vindicated and totally on board. LET HER BE THE ENEMY PLS.

So. What I'm asking you to do is to give me Evil Delphine, please. Especially in a way that impacts Sarah. We've already started to see her act against Sarah's motivations, in that she forced Sarah to play Rachel, let Alison get felt up by Ferdinand while Sarah watched, and "promises" to help find Helena, but we all know she's lying.

Sarah does not trust Delphine, she doesn't want Cosima near Delphine ("have you talked to your girlfriend yet" wasn't shippy, it was accusatory), and I think they're going to be adversaries going forward. So. That's what I would like, please.

I also totally understand that this is a bit weird for someone to ask, so if evil Delphine doesn't interest you, anything that features Sarah Manning & her backstory/relationships with the clones is totally fine. In terms of shipping, I ship Sarah with Cal and Paul equally, but I do not like clonecest.

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Pinch hit #24 - Taken
Request 1 by merle_p
Fandom: Shameless (US)

Mickey Milkovich Lip Gallagher

For likes, DNWs, prompts, details, see Dear Prime Time Player Letter!

Dear Prime Time Player Letter URL

Request 2 by merle_p
Fandom: Spartacus Series (TV)

Pietros (Spartacus) Oenomaus (Spartacus)

For likes, DNWs, prompts, details, see Dear Prime Time Player Letter!

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Request 3 by merle_p
Fandom: Hunger Games Series - All Media Types

Johanna Mason Effie Trinket Haymitch Abernathy Finnick Odair

For likes, DNWs, prompts, details, see Dear Prime Time Player Letter!

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Pinch hit #25 - Taken
Request 1 by rubiconjane
Fandom: Community (TV)
Annie Edison, Abed Nadir, Frankie Dart

Would love anything Abed/Annie or Frankie/Annie.


I really feel like Abed and Annie have become closer ever since Troy left, perhaps out of necessity. I love how supportive they are of each other. I adore the sweetness of their friendship, as well as those occasional moments of sexual tension and flustered!Annie whenever Abed is channeling a suave/badass pop culture character.

A story focusing on their relationship, be it romantic or platonic, would be super appreciated! What if Abed (posing as Brent Underjaw, aka the "Olympic pole-vaulting hopeful") catfishing Annie on Facebook had gone differently?


Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed 6x03. Hope points! Binder flowers! Frankie comforting Annie! Their mutual appreciation of each other's competence was so freaking endearing, and I already ship them pretty hard.

What if they had ended up getting a boardroom? What if Annie's low-key girl crush on Frankie develops into a full-blown crush? Is there an alternate universe where they're ambitious executives who wage war/woo each other via memos and peer evaluations? (The answer is yes.)
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Request 2 by rubiconjane
Fandom: The Social Network (2010)
Eduardo Saverin, Sean Parker

I know this one's a bit out there, but I would really love to read some enemies-to-friends (or even enemies-to-lovers) fic for these two. I'm picturing a gradual and grudging shift from emnity to ~acquaintances. Or maybe they're very, very reluctant allies working together against a common enemy/for a common goal.

Alternatively, hatesex PWP is very welcome, too!

Note: I do enjoy Mark/Wardo and Mark as a character, so feel free to include him in the story-- but I'm not invested in reading about him as a main character for this exchange. No character bashing, please.
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Request 3 by rubiconjane
Fandom: Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Kaddar Iliniat

Kaddar became Emperor of the Carthaki empire in extremely turbulent circumstances (having went from nearly being accused of treason by his uncle, to succeeding to the imperial throne when said uncle went on a mad power binge and became immortal).

I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for a teenage ruler to maintain power/avoid usurpation while trying to restore order and peace in Carthak. There was so much to deal with-- collectively, it seems insurmountable: rural droughts, the large-scale destruction of the palace and the capitol, the political implications of freeing only certain slaves (like, how does that not lead to rebellion/uprising???), and having to reinstitute the worship of the Old Gods and stay on the Graveyard Hag's good side.

This is primarily a request for Kaddar-centric gen, but I would also be very happy with shipfic for Kaddar/Daine (perhaps Numair's jealousy in Emperor Mage hadn't been completely unwarranted, after all?), or Kaddar/Kalasin (how do they navigate making their arranged marriage a success?)

No AUs (apart from canon divergences/alternate canon AUs) for this request, please-- I would strongly prefer a story taking place in the canon setting.
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Pinch hit #26 - Taken
Request 1 by tree
Fandom: JAG

Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie

please see my letter!

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Request 2 by tree
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Georgiana Darcy Catherine Bennet

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Request 3 by tree
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager

Kes (Star Trek)

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Request 4 by tree
Fandom: The X-Files

Melissa Scully

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